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Effective design.

I work with startups and top companies to design inclusive, effective, and impactful digital products.

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I'm Ben, a Product Designer from the United Kingdom. I’ve been designing for over eight and a half years.

Throughout that time, I’ve worked remotely for a number of exciting startups and established companies.

These have been located all over the world, from Hong Kong and Singapore, to Australia and the United States.

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Send me an email about your project and I will prepare a detailed PDF portfolio with relevant work samples.

Adding Value to Digital Products

I provide user interface and user experience design services, working with exciting startups and established companies on their digital products to improve performance and ease-of-use.

My services include user experience analysis of your product, through to full product design - from wireframing and interactive prototyping, to user interface design and front-end development.

Previous experience includes designing products for startups with up to $100 million in funding, as well as for numerous multinational corporations with market capitalisations of up to $200 billion.

Common Questions

Q. Where can I see your work?

Email me and I will prepare work samples relevant to your project, with accompanying details.

Q. Are you currently available?

I am not currently available for full-time positions or new product design projects.

Q. How much do you charge?

Email me and I will compile a custom quote and provide details on my hourly rate.

Client Testimonials

"Ben's work is magic - he merges stunning user interface design with great user experience and designs products that give tangible results."
Jan, Koncepted
"Ben is one of our go-to designers. He's helped us with aspects from full mobile app designs, to screenshots for app store A/B testing."
Gabe, Incipia
"Ben is a great designer and a reliable resource. He has consistently helped bring significant value to a lot of our products in a timely manner."
Daren, Fishermen Labs
Send me an email about your project and I will prepare a detailed PDF portfolio with relevant work samples.