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Various illustration and art direction work for personal projects, startups, and large companies. A variety of my illustrations and icons have been commissioned and used by web products with millions of monthly active users, including on their landing pages and inside the user interface of their web, mobile, and desktop applications. Some later illustrations have been worked on for personal projects and to share with the design community.

More samples and links to live work available on request.

  1. ⚹  What: Illustration
  2. ⚹  When: 2010-23
  3. ⚹  Where: Landing Pages, Personal Projects
  4. ⚹  How: Figma, Adobe Fresco
japanese-style illustrations of a teabag, old television and chewing gum packet illustration of japanese sweet packets grid of arrow icons in illustrative, hand-drawn style illustration of a japanese packet of chewing gum
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